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Mritunjay Menaria

Mritunjay is the best illustration of a good leader. He always has plans and suggestions in place to deal with even the most complex circumstances. He has a meticulous and stringent personality. He strives for excellence and approaches every task with a rational approach. Also, he accurately predicts the forthcoming situations.

Shon Kipgen
General Secretary

An ambitious yet compassionate persona, Shon is a lively colleague to work with. Bringing forth an analytical and practical thought process as a national junior golfer, he is a strategist for implementing new ventures. He brings to the team a positive and witty approach to problem-solving which resonates with everyone.

Manauti Gupta
Chief Coordinator

By pouring her heart and soul into her work, Manauti sets an example for the rest of the team. She embodies intelligence and beauty in the truest sense. The most friendly and approachable person in the room, we are all kept together by her as the binding force. Always keen to learn, she is a go getter and puts in all her hard work to complete the given opportunity.

Devansh Mittal
Event Management & Corporate Communications Director

Devansh is an ambitious and persistent team player. He has a cheerful and optimistic personality that makes him easily approachable. He strives to carry the legacy of Comsoc to greater heights and takes additional efforts for the betterment of the functioning of the society.

Tejas Sonar
Event Management & Corporate Communications Director

Tejas is the society’s most optimistic member. His upbeat style creates a positive environment that enhances the productivity of other members working with him. He holds expertise in networking and hosting events. He can go on endlessly on any topics related to finance like crypto. He contributes towards his wing with utmost perfection and dedication.

Manan Gupta
Public Relations and Marketing Director

When one thinks of the phrase “Jack of All trades”, Manan is the name which comes to mind. His amiable demeanour makes him the most approachable person in the room. His meticulous nature makes him strive for perfection in every endeavor undertaken and he always aspires to make the society reach greater heights. His passion for music is evident through his beautiful flute melodies.

Parul Khare
Public Relations and Marketing Director

Parul is a meticulous and ambitious individual with a head full of dreams and vigour to convert them into reality. Her optimistic approach makes her take up challenges and sail across smoothly. She possesses an unwavering spirit in life. Her soft-spoken personality makes her easily approachable in a team and a trusty friend.

Aditya Gupta
Research Director

A rare amalgamation of tenacity and cheerfulness, Aditya is one of the most passionate members of the society. His kindness and easy-to-laugh personality make him a delight for the eyes of the ones around him. His perseverance and devotion to his work is his most admiring quality.

Amitesh Jha
Research Director

Amitesh is one of the bright and amusing personas in the society. He loves challenges and never gives up. He consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to achieving results and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our team’s work is completed on time and to the highest standards. He follows his heart and institution and never compromises on his principles.

Saharsh Jhunjhunwala

Saharsh is a tactful, aware and enterprising individual who prioritizes tasks in hand before anything else. He is warm when it comes to interpersonal relations and his efforts are result driven. A perfect blend of a leader- like persona and a hard working team member, Saharsh is a complete package in himself.

Taru Jain

Taru is a resilient, assertive and hard working individual who is reliable and trustworthy. She is motivated and optimistic in every field of life and has a great enthusiasm level. Her passion, creativity and self-discipline is admired by everyone around her. She has a practical point of view towards life which proves helpful and an inspiration for others too. She is a very kind hearted individual who is friendly and helpful to others.

Ananya Chawla
Technical Director

Ananya is the most diligent member in the society. She is an expert in every subject, whether it be technical, research or consulting. She has sound, logical advice ready at all times. She fosters a very cheerful atmosphere with her smile. She is someone who is constantly willing to take on more effort if it leads to the advancement of society.

Janvi Bist
Technical Director

Janvi is a sweet, charismatic and composed individual who maintains utmost professionalism in her work. People appreciate being around her because of her friendliness, enthusiasm and commitment to her tasks. She is a person who completely understands her responsibilities and strives to fulfill them.

Giana Ranjan
Technical Director

Giana has a bubbly and cheerful personality, and enjoys connecting with new people. She has various interests and tries to pursue them to the maximum. You’ll know she’s in her best mood if she has a coffee in hand. She is hardworking and patient with everything, and loves working with the team.