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Shri Ram Commerce Summit


SRCS, the Semi Annual Fest of the Commerce Society, SRCC offers a platform for all to test their analytical, interpretational, finance and managerial acumen. It is the ideal place for all the business enthusiasts, case acers, finance fanatics and problem solvers to be at. With the 3 national level competitions coupled with eloquent speaker sessions, SRCS takes the participants on a roller coaster filled with learning opportunities.


Case Convolute

Case Convolute

A case study competition focusing on harnessing the ability of individuals to solve, negotiate, and deliberate dynamic situations arising in an organization.
It is the perfect place for people who have a knack for problem solving and enjoy creating an impact and tackling real life corporate problems.
Rise in Crisis

Rise in Crisis

Rise in Crisis is the place for testing one’s foresight, decision making and presentation of consistent and revolutionary plans to avert the crisis. The teams step into the shoes of an HR & PR manager and confront some real life crisis situations.


Wealthfolio, a one-of-its-kind trading simulation that tests the decision-making and negotiation skills of participants.