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BizStreet – India’s biggest undergraduate level Commerce festival, is a perfect meeting ground for all the enthusiasts to bring out the best of their skills through the commerce prism. With a spectrum of events spanning over the pillars of a business – Human Resource, Marketing, and Finance.
BizStreet confers fervor, both upon the participants and the onlookers. It is an ideal platform for young minds to feed their hunger with holistic events. BizStreet will be the most exalted event in Delhi University and is the only event held over a period of three days.
Every year BizStreet caters to more than 10000 people.

The Events


Signature event of the year. Suit-up is a mind-boggling affair that takes something beyond the conventional to triumph. It’s an action-packed lone wolf event that puts the participant’s business acumen, managerial skills, and creativity to a riveting test in order to find the best amongst them.


Always look for the foot in the deal. If you don’t find one, it’s you.” Barrato is an event like no other as it not only tests your intellectual and business acumen but also your interpersonal, negotiation, and anticipatory skills.  

Dynasty Doom

An innovative competition that is a fun-filled battle of power, amidst mind-boggling trade-offs, that makes one charge the Sherlock inside of you to take on the challenge and find the treasure hidden behind the clues.


Cricket fever is deadlier than Coronavirus!  why watch the IPL matches from home and support other teams when you can build your own team?
BidBizz- Fantasy IPL Auction“, a cricket bidding simulation competition, will make you feel the rush of adrenaline as you strategize throughout the auction.


A business plan competition to present innovative ideas because the way to get started is to quit talking and start doing. Genesis provides an opportunity to put your start-up idea to effect, get its viabilities thoroughly tested and survive the intense competition to emerge victoriously.

Past Speakers

Mr. Ashwini Tiwari


Managing Director, SBI, and Former MD & CEO at SBI Card


Co-Founder and CIO, Zerodha

Our Guest Speaker Mr.Nikhil Kamath
Our Guest Speaker Mr. Pradyut Bordoloi


 Member of Parliament, Nagaon Constituency


Senior Partner and MD, Boston Consulting Group

Our Guest Speaker Mr. Abeek Singhi
RJ Aadi


Radio Jockey at Radio City 91.1 FM